We have evolved!

We were formerly Winning Minds, through an extensive brand review we now CoHooTS

Mental Wellness Coaching: born of 20 years helping nearly 3000 people beat Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Mark’s client work is a fusion of Self-Development, Mental Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Education and Coaching. It is built on 4 platforms:

• Self-Awareness
• Self-Esteem
• Self-Empowerment
• Life purpose and vision

The Short-comings of traditional therapy

Any advice to people struggling with mental health issues will be around “pull yourself together”! Well if we could…we would! In other words, if the solution was within our conscious control, we would indeed pull ourselves together.

The problem is that 91% of our mind is unconscious and so 91% of how we create our reality on a moment-by-moment basis is unconscious. And there’s the clue! Whilst traditional therapy may make people feel better, it is not empowering and is often not a solution; it operates almost totally at a conscious level. Virtually all of Mark’s nearly 3000 clients, who arrive through referral, have already been for counselling or CBT and are still searching.

The Solution: Mental Wellness Coaching

The solution lies in teaching you how your total mind works and then coaching you to understand your own personal unconscious reality filters, allowing you to develop a deep and empowered sense of self, so that potential mental health issues are dealt with before they become a problem.

Mark’s 1-2-1 coaching programme consists of 5 x 4 hour weekly sessions, incorporating teaching and coaching. In 2 of the sessions, we also design together a hypnosis session to help you let go of the things that are holding you back and to give you the internal resources to go and live the life you want.

Please email Mark on mark@headucate.me or ring his office on 0800 083 0143 for a chat.

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