CoHoots blog post | Are you ready for tears?

03 May 2022


Are you ready for tears?

Connection with others is so important to our mental wellbeing: according to the science, it’s as important as food water and sleep. Most of us have realised during lockdown how much we’ve been missing family, friends and colleagues, but probably still not realised just how important this is.

It’s less obvious in the current situation, how important our work colleagues are; simple things like the chat by the coffee machine. We need to stop taking these things for granted.

We need to be able to demonstrate our love and affection. We need to drop the British stiff upper lip and be open and honest with others as to how important they are in our life.

So when normality does return, we need to be more like the animals in the video below. They don’t have problems showing their affection. Are your ready for tears? Not sure about the elephant though!

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