Find you, find success

Imagine what life and work would be like when you’ve got:

  • Energy and passion
  • Identity and empowerment
  • Direction and purpose

At CoHooTS, our mission is to help you and your colleagues unlock the secret to the personal Inner Power that for many of us has been lying dormant. Yes, it’s real: we’ve helped thousands of people do just this over the last 22 years.

We work with Radical Self-Discovery to help you maximise your performance at work, whilst thriving at life.

Discovering your inner power changes everything!


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How we drive change

CoHoots | Self-Discovery

The secret keys to thriving at work and at life are Radical Self-Discovery and mindset.

Very few of us are self-aware because 91% of our mind and therefore how we create our reality on a moment-by-moment basis, is unconscious. And how much do you know about your unconscious? Yep!

Over 22 years, we have developed a fool-proof formula to help you find your passion and energy for life.

We help you find the real and powerful you that’s been hidden away for so long and build your own personal mindset and life strategy to begin living the life of your dreams. And it’s easier than you think when you know who you are!


Our programmes


  • “It all just clicked. I’m a different person…super relaxed. The space I have in my brain is astounding…the understanding of myself…it’s completely changed my life.”Helen
  • “Working out what was important in my life made me realise that what I was aspiring to wasn’t actually who I was. It helps you realise your passions in life and how to integrate them into your everyday life and so achieve the goals that you set.”Nina
  • “The programme got me into a complete career change, running my own business. Now I can just be myself and have a lot of flexibility to enjoy my life. I’m 100% sure it’s changed my life.”Stuart
  • “The programme’s great: it’s not just a short-term fix, it’s a long-term solution. It gives you the skills to understand any situation and you’re able to keep calm.”Natalie
  • “The programme showed me that I am the locus of control in my life. I’m the person who’s going to achieve my own goals through my drive for success.”George
  • “The programme gave me the space to simply “stop”; get off the hamster wheel and take a good long look at my world.”Kate
  • “Since going through the programme, it feels like the sun shines that bit brighter and that bit warmer now.”Claire
  • The programme was perfect it made me realise that I’d made achievements when I’d never realised they were. The programme worked and everything changed!” Toby
  • “The programme has made such a difference to my life, enabling me to not only understand what I was going through but also how to change it.”Sarah